Welcome to Cosycraftz

I’m Phoebe, a passionate and budding artist with a deep love for creating beautiful paintings, drawings, and crafts. Art has always been my joy, and I’m thrilled to share my creations with you. 



Please consider leaving me a review. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated as I start this venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size, resources and other factors, the length of time that this can take will vary, some things can take a few days, others longer. I will provide a rough estimation of delivery and updates will be provided once we get started.

I can use a variety of materials for your Costycraftz. In terms of paint I am learning new styles and techniques all the time or can use more traditional items like acrylic or watercolour. I can draw your pet, your favourite sunset – whatever you can think of on a variety of surfaces and finishes, from canvasses, mounts, frames and even straight onto materials like metal or wood!

If you have a particular frame or something that you would like to be incorporated into a design, I can provide a way to get it to me before working on your Cosycraftz. If you have seen something online, if you provide a link, I can order and include it in your quotation, however it may be better to have it delivered to your house first to ensure you are happy with it before sending to me.

As each item is bespoke, timescales can vary, so I will give you a personal price once I understand the cost / work involved and any materials that are needed to be sourced. When it comes to delivery, as we will know the product dimensions a tracked delivery cost will be factored into the price.

A Cosycraftz delivery will be securely wrapped to prevent damage and always using a tracking delivery so you can monitor it’s progress once shipped. I will notify you when it is sent with the correct information. Rather than signing your product, personalised items will also come with it’s own signed certificate of authenticity.

As all items are made bespoke, I’ll keep you updated with progress so you can advise any changes as it progresses, therefore I cannot issue refunds but will do my best to make sure you are beyond satisfied with every order.

Once I have sent your quote, if you would like to proceed, full payment must be made in advance via bank transfer, bank details will be sent to you. I can confirm receipt and start working on your Cosycraftz. If your item is for someone else it works the same way, but alternative delivery addresses can be provided.